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Spiritual Habits of Thriving Congregations

In this time when some people are hostile and many are indifferent to the church, some congregations thrive! What’s their secret?  They become people of prayer.  They forge trustworthy relationships and welcome the stranger. They unite with the Spirit’s purpose that is larger than their own self-interest.  They learn to leverage their resources to create thriving neighborhoods.  This retreat explores how congregations can let go of soul-killing behaviors and cultivate new connections that make for new life.   

Becoming a People of Prayer

How can we connect with the power and presence of the Spirit?  When we learn to     trust the Spirit, we can stay grounded and thrive, even in anxious times. This retreat focuses on how to relinquish old versions of who we have been and to develop habits of listening prayer and discernment.  It explores ways to understand the language of the Spirit, to wake up to the energy of the Spirit, and to follow the    leading of the Spirit into the world.  

Becoming a People of Welcome

How can we become trustworthy communities that welcome the stranger?  This retreat offers the tools we need to leave behind obsolete traditions and ineffectual beliefs, and to confront alienating behaviors which threaten safe space.  It explores how to develop habits of clarity, challenge, and courage that enlarge our capacity to grow and thrive as the Body of Christ.

Becoming a People of Creative Action

How do we connect with the energy of the Spirit that affects change in the world? This retreat explores how to build new relationships and engage in actions which bring about peace, provision, and justice for all.  It offers practical ways to leverage resources, to gather with neighbors to make strategic decisions, and to collaborate with partners to become agents of change in local communities. 

"Ruth is insightful, pastoral, and truthful.  She leads gently and firmly and always with humor."  -Kate

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