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Light Circle


Leading with Fire

How do we act with courage in the face of cynicism?  This retreat explores the ways Julian of Norwich, Hildegarde of Bingen, and Teresa of Avila broke with convention and overcame either/or thinking in order to provide moral leadership in their day. It reminds us that we are not caught in inevitables; the fire in us can burn away the  dross so we can see clearly, act to restore the harmony of creation, and discover creative ways to enact justice for all.
Standing Like a Tree
How does the life-giving energy of Spirit ground us, help us mature, and sow seeds for future generations? Through the images of poetry, this retreat explores the lessons of trees that find nourishment through their roots, grow throughout their lives, and bear fruit.     
Developing Circle Communities
How do we gather communities of people who recognize their own spirituality even though they don’t resonate with traditional religious language?  This retreat trains leaders to create safe space and to guide groups to explore the energy of love  concealed the events of everyday life. 

"Ruth is an embodied leader who does not settle for pseudo-reality."  –Rick

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